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wordpress developer css3 transparent menus

This client wanted to update the look of their website and make some SEO improvements, while keeping similar information and navigation structure to their existing website. They loved the look of slideshow centric sites and had some very good photography of their work to use in their slides. They were also looking for a modern look – using semi-transparent menus as a major design element on the site.

They worked with a designer to achieve the site appearance they were looking for. I then developed the resulting Adobe Illustrator files into a working responsive site based on WordPress. The client wanted WordPress so that they would easily be able to update their page content, menu structure and add photos to their Portfolio page. The transparent menus were created with CSS3 styling added to the CSS provided by the WordPress framework.

Project was managed by, and done in conjunction with Ramblin Jackson, a Social Media & Video Marketing Agency in Boulder, Colorado.

Link to the AVCrafters website

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