Center of Psychological Effectiveness

WordPress custom development

This client had a dated website that they wanted to have an improved visual appearance and more intuitive navigation. They wanted to also have very clean & prominent call-to-action areas: contacting the office and joining a newsletter list. They quite a bit of content in the form of articles & online quizzes that they wanted to preserve (about 30 pages). They were moving from an old tables-based HTML website that had dozens of broken links and non-W3c compliant markup to a WordPress website that they can maintain themselves.

I received the new design for their site in the form of Adobe Illustrator files, then I built a custom WordPress site using framework software (Weaver Pro). I extracted the page content that they wanted to preserve from the old HTML site and ported it into WordPress. The vertical navigation that they desired for the site is not typical in Responsive Design, so I wrote custom CSS for that section to adapt the site behavior for display on pad & phone devices.

Project was managed by, and done in conjunction with Ramblin Jackson, a Social Media & Video Marketing Agency in Boulder, Colorado.

Link to the Center of Psychological Effectiveness website

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