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This client had a site that they were perfectly happy with, even though it was fairly old. They did like the idea of having a site where the text content and photos could be easily changed by someone on their staff. Their old site was attacked by a hacker, so they decided to just replace it instead of trying to have it repaired.

This client had no logo and just wanted the old text content moved over from the previous site. They did take new office pictures that they wanted to incorporate. I designed a very simple, cost effective WordPress site for them and taught them how to make their own changes. They added a contact form that patients have been quick to adopt. Even though they did care about search results, the little bit that I did to the website lands them on page one of Google for local results on keywords such as “Boulder dentures”. The design is fully responsive and look particularly good on a phone, with the office phone number easy to find & click on.

Link to Dr. Gordon Gates Website

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