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This client had paid for a web design, which he liked, but the design had been built in HTML, so he felt intimidated to make changes and the SEO firm that he was working with suggested that he switch to WordPress. The SEO firm referred him to me, and I built his design in a WordPress framework to achieve the exact same design, but with a WordPress back end.

He also wanted to move the site to a domain name that contained his key search terms, so I migrated the site from Handskrit.com to PalmReaderBoulder.com. The client also wanted to add site content and improve navigation, so those changes were made. The overall goal of the project was to move his site from pages down in Google search to the first page. In just a few weeks, his site is now on page one for his key terms, and in fact, four of his pages have made it to the top search page.

Link to the Handskrit/Palm Reader Boulder website

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