Ramblin Jackson Client Logo Project

css3 development hover

Synopsis: Ramblin Jackson, a video production & social media expert service provider, has a long list of happy clients. They wanted a better way of showing off their client list than the textual linked list they were using. They also wanted to highlight clients where they had produced a case study video documenting the work they had done to solve the clients’ business problems.

I designed a Logo grid that uses the power of the Hover definitions for CSS3. When someone moves their mouse across any of the logos in the grid, the logo increases in size momentarily, calling attention to that logo. Visitors may click on the logo to be taken to the customer site and also may click on the Case Study icon to be taken to the video information.

This site is WordPress based, but all of the design I provided is straight HTML and CSS3 embedded within a WordPress page. Due to a subsequent site re-design, this page is no longer available for viewing on the web.

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