Responsive Machine Tool Site

Machine Tool Supply had been using Netsuite for years, but had a static HTML site and wanted to use Site Builder to make their inventory visible on the web. We started with a Bootstrap based template that had the visual elements desired by the business owner, then I developed a new responsive Home page, Category template and Item List template. Since machine tools parts tend to have all the information that a buyer needs within the Store Description, we designed the Item List with ‘Buy’ buttons and did not use an Item Detail page for most items. This site supports a large number of SKUs – qbout 160,000.

This type of business has a large number of categories and a deep category structure, yet tends to not use a lot of images, so I set up the Category template to be very compact and the links to the category structure are built from the Category Display name. The Item List was also designed to be very compact to minimize scrolling and assist the site visitor in quickly finding the Machine Tool part they are looking for.

I installed the Reference Checkout and Reference My Account bundles for this site, so the Checkout experience is also Responsive.

Link to the Machine Tool Supply website.

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