Sustainable Clicks Website

wordpress developer custom website

The client had a basic WordPress website, but wanted a more visually appealing site that presented his business objectives in a clearer way. The site needed to have clear call-to-action and describe business offerings succinctly.

The client opted for a custom design, so he went through the design process with a graphic designer. I used the resulting Adobe Illustrator files to create his custom site. The client was very interested in having a site that would be easy to maintain, so most of the content areas were built as custom widgets in which he would only have to update or add content and not have to worry about format or appearance. Even the call-to-action buttons were built in CSS instead of as images, so the client can easily change the button text without needing to have graphic skills.

Project was managed by, and done in conjunction with Ramblin Jackson, a Social Media & Video Marketing Agency in Boulder, Colorado.

Client is not yet ready to launch this site, link will be provided when he launches.

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